Multicultural Alumni Council

The Multicultural Alumni Council is an advisory council within the K-State Alumni Association. This council serves as a diversity liaison in three areas: student, alumni and university. The council is a pipeline for multicultural alumni who want to get involved with the university. 

The council is made up of 11 members, with one standing appointment from the Office of Diversity and a student representative.

Current Members
Cynthia Fails ’02 (Past Chair) Term ends spring 2017
Brandon Clark ’04 – Office of Diversity Representative
Kelly Jones ’03  Term ends spring 2018
Chris Merriewether ’10 (Chair)  Term ends spring 2019
Mako Miller ’04  Term ends spring 2019
Dana Owens ’03  Term ends spring 2018
Edgar Ramirez ’04  Term ends spring 2019
Sylvia Robinson ’71  Term ends spring 2018
Mike Simms ’89  Term ends spring 2017
Jessica Vanderweide ’07 – Term ends spring 2017
AbdulRasak Yahaya ’08  Term ends spring 2020