The links below will direct you away from the K-State Alumni Association Web site. We offer these links to help you find answers to questions you might have about travel and your destination countries. A search for these topics on a Web search engine will yield many additional results.


Click here to find out the forecast for your travel destination.

Destination country information

Click here to search for information about a specific country. Find out about its geography and yearly climate, its people, history, government, economy and political conditions.

What's my money worth?

Click here to calculate the exchange rate from dollars to Euros, or any other currency you may need in your destination country.

Health issues

Click here to find out about diseases that can affect travelers, risks of food and water consumption in some countries, outbreaks across the world and vaccination information for all ages.

Travel security

Click here for information about travel emergencies and warnings, customs regulations and obtaining passports and visas.

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