K-State Students

Whether it's Homecoming, Student Alumni Board, graduate celebrations or Wildcats Forever, there's a way for every student to get involved with the Alumni Association.

Wildcats Forever
Wildcats Forever is an open membership program for all K-State students. The goal of the organization is to get students involved with the Alumni Association earlier and establish a link that keeps them connected to K-State.

Student Alumni Board
Student Alumni Board is an enthusiastic group of approximately 35 students whose primary purpose is to promote K-State at a variety of university and Alumni Association activities.

Homecoming week celebrates K-State traditions with plenty of purple pride. Students are involved in many activities including assembling parade floats, painting Aggieville's business windows, electing student ambassadors and more.

Student Ambassadors
Two K-State ambassadors represent the student body at Alumni Association events throughout the state and at university activities. The Ambassador program began in 1977 as a way to involve student representatives at alumni events.

Grad Bash
Graduating seniors and graduate students are invited to Grad Bash, formerly known as Senior Send-Off, a spring celebration to say farewell to their last days as students and hello to life as K-State alumni. The graduating students are introduced to the Alumni Association and encouraged to stay in touch as they begin their new careers and move on from K-State.

The Alumni Association offers programs for current multicultural students, including the Multicultural Graduation Celebration at the end of the spring semester.

The Alumni Association helps provide financial support to K-State students through scholarships.

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