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Steps jobs need to follow

We want your experience with the Communications and Information Services departments to be a very positive one. The job process steps below have been provided to provide an understanding of how we work and to find out what you can do to assist us in the job process.

Before a request occurs, it is the responsibility of a requester to ensure his or her supervisor and any other appropriate staff has provided approval to proceed with a request.

Step 1
Requester completes electronic request and form is forwarded via email with information accordingly to:
a) Assistant Vice President of Communications if communications job; or
b) Senior Director of Information Services if only requesting information regarding membership counts and database functions

Step 2
The electronic system automatically assigns a job number, and for Communications requests, the assistant vice president of communications sends an email with the following components to requester and writer/designer assigned to the job:
a) Job number, type and name
b) Job requester
c) Job origination and due date
d) Name of writer/designer who has been assigned as the contact for the job
e) cc: to Senior Director of Information Services if it has been indicated that the job will be mailed or is membership-related

Step 3
For all new design requests, Communications contact and requester will complete a concept meeting to:
a) Complete all applicable details remaining for job via checklist Communications contact will use as a guide
b) Agree upon project timeline
c) At this time, requester will share any ideas/supporting materials for the job and writing/designer will share initial concepts to be agreed upon by both staff members
d) Considerations will likely include job involvement, current workload and any out-of-office schedules for requester and writer/designer
e) If the job will be mailed or include any membership components, Senior Director of Information Services will be invited to participate in meeting
f) At the conclusion of this meeting, copies of the final, completed job checklist form will be made for participants and filed

Step 4
Communications contact will secure printing bid(s) if requested and gain approval from requester

Step 5
Communications contact begins work

Step 6
First proof delivered to requester (All proofs will be delivered directly to requester's office or work station. No interoffice)

Step 7
Communications contact completes revisions to first proof (if necessary)

Step 8
Second proof (if necessary) delivered to requester

Step 9
Communications lead completes revisions to second proof

Step 10
Final proof (if necessary) sent to requester

Step 11
If sign-off is not possible after final proof, director of communications will meet with requester and designer.

Step 12
Requester approves job for final proofing

Step 13
Two members of Communications staff excluding lead proof job.

Step 14
Sign-off of job for production or distribution by requester

Step 15
Final review and approval by assistant vice president of communications and senior director of information services (if mailed or membership-related)

Step 16
Communications contact completes print request form when applicable

Step 17
Job advances to print/completion

Step 18
Delivery of completed job

Step 19
At least three samples of printed job are placed in job folder with all proofs, job request, checklist and other supporting materials

Step 20
Communications staff notes job as completed in database and archived

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