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When does a concept meeting occur?

For all new jobs with design and text changes needed, the Communications staff member assigned to a job will contact the requestor after the job has been assigned to complete a concept meeting with the requestor at the earliest possible convenience. Concept meetings are not necessary for reprint and preprint jobs, template certificates, template e-mails, template news releases and other new jobs with no changes requested.

Please be aware your project likely will be one of many in production. For this reason, it is very beneficial we receive all available items (e.g. copy, photos, graphics) necessary to complete your project at the concept meeting.

To ensure we meet your needs in the best and most efficient manner possible, we request that if working with a committee, ideas from those members are solicited before the concept meeting, or they participate in the concept meeting as possible. At this meeting, we will gather your input, thoughts and/or opinions to be considered before we begin work on design concepts, thus helping to expedite projects and minimize delays and last-minute layout and/or format changes.

To assist us in efficiently preparing a job with an effective and attractive message and format, please be prepared to discuss the following items during the concept meeting:

Format: Do you have one in mind? Do you need a brochure, newsletter, flier, ad, Flash presentation or HTML e-mail? We can help you decide on the best format to reach your audience.

Quantity: Again, this is especially helpful in determining method of production. Although you may specify several different quantities as options; quantity often has a significant effect on final cost.

Budget: How much do you have to spend? If your project is new and you have no specified budget, we can help you estimate costs and recommend formats to best fit your needs.

Deadline: When is the final date your job must be completed and in your hands, deadline to mail or ready to distribute electronically?

Other questions to consider:

• Who is your audience?

• What is the purpose of your job? A successful communication piece should always have a specific purpose or goal. What is its desired effect? What is the single message you want the audience to remember?

• What specific information and facts must be included?

• Is the project to be coordinated with other pieces (stationery, reply cards, e-mail, etc.)? Should it be?

Following the concept meeting, it is important that the job request be complete with as much information needed to produce the job (copy, images, samples, etc.) as possible. Also, please make sure the quantity requested is what is needed. It is usually not cost-efficient to reprint.

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