International Alumni Groups

Connect with K-State alumni abroad through International Alumni Groups

International Alumni Groups are a great way to get together with other graduates in your country.

Start a K-State alumni group in your country:

1. Connect: Email Jessica Elmore '06, assistant director of multicultural programs, at jelmore@k-state.com to find out what type of alumni group to start in your area.

2. Communicate: The Alumni Association will assist you in reaching out to K-State alumni in your area.

3. Plan: The Alumni Association can help you decide what type of events or activities best fit your area. Click here to view ideas for events and activities.

View photos of international K-State events on Facebook.

Jessica Elmore '06
Assistant director of multicultural programs

International Alumni Groups
• Australia
David Kozar, david.kozar@qut.edu.au

• Brazil
Check back soon!

• Bulgaria
Mark Leonard, jmarkleonard@gmail.com

• Canada
Krista Leben, Krista.leben@gmail.com

• China
Check back soon!

• Costa Rica
Jose Dominguez, jdominguez@aguacerocr.com

• Dominican Republic
Molly Hamm, mollymhamm@gmail.com

• Germany
Sheryl Bauchwitz, ksfarmersb@yahoo.com

• India
Check back soon!
• Indonesia
Check back soon!

• Korea
Check back soon!

• Malaysia
Check back soon!

• South Africa
Check back soon!

• Spain
Check back soon!

• Sweden
William Yankey, wyankey@gmail.com

• United Kingdom
Chris McLemore, clmclemore@gmail.com

• Vietnam
Jennifer Farris, jenfarris@hotmail.com

International Wildcats Newsletter
Fall 2014

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