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Drive With Pride!

By purchasing a K-State License Plate, alumni and friends show their purple pride and invest in the university's future. The tax-deductible royalties paid on K-State License Plates have raised more than $2.3 million for student scholarships and recognition of achievements.

K-State motorcycle license plates are now available! 
To purchase a plate, visit your Kansas county DMV/treasurer's office. 

New Process for Purchase and Renewal of Plates as of Feb. 1, 2013 
 As of Feb. 1, 2013, there is a new and improved way to drive with pride.  When purchasing or renewing a K-State license plate, a $50 donation to the K-State Alumni Association plus a $5 state of KS processing fee must be paid annually.  Starting Feb. 1, Kansas county treasurers will directly accept the $50 donation and $5 processing fee, in conjunction with paying your annual state tags and taxes.  You will no longer need to contact the K-State Alumni Association to receive a voucher prior to purchasing or renewing a license plate.

Q&A for Purchasing a New Plate
• How do I get a tag?
Visit your county treasurer office to purchase a new tag.  At the treasurer’s office, you will pay an annual tax-deductible donation of $50 to the K-State Alumni Association, an annual $5 processing fee to the state and a one-time production charge of $50.50, plus your annual tags and taxes. All of these charges/fees will be paid together in one transaction made payable to your treasurer's office. Production charge is subject to change.

• When should I order my tag?

You may order a tag at any time. However, to avoid paying the annual donation twice in one year, the best time to purchase a tag is during your annual tag renewal process.

• Who can purchase a plate?
Any Kansas resident with a car or truck registered in the state of Kansas. The vehicle weight limit is 20,000 pounds.

• What does the annual $50 donation go toward?
Funds from the License Plate Program help provide scholarships and recognition for K-State students. Since the program began in 1996, alumni, fans and friends of K-State have raised more than $2 million.

• How are tag numbers assigned?
All plates have numbers that are assigned on a random basis. Personalization of the Powercat plates is not an option.

How to Renew an Existing Plate
1. You will receive your annual tags and taxes statement from the state of Kansas.
2. Included in the statement will be your $50 donation to the K-State Alumni Association for being a K-State plate holder.
3. Only one payment transaction will be needed when paying your statement (K-State Alumni Association donation and tags/taxes all in one).
4. Renewal will now be done directly in the treasurer’s office, online via KS Web Tags or by mail.
5. No purple voucher from the K-State Alumni Association will be needed.
6. Once you have renewed your tag and made your $50 donation with the county treasurer, your tax-deductible statement will be emailed by the KSU Foundation after 90 days of the transaction.

How to Give a Plate as a Gift
If you’d like to give a plate as a gift, please contact the Association at 800-600-ALUM (2586) and we will assist with this process.

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Please contact us at 800-600-ALUM (2586) or alumni@k-state.com.

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