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What's involved in the production process?

Writing/Editing: This can take several hours, or up to several weeks, depending on the complexity of the job. When possible, supplying us with copy (even if in rough form) often provides a faster production schedule.

Design: Two to three weeks is the standard time on an average piece; longer if the job is more complex and less if the project is a modification of an earlier design.

Proofing: At least two weeks is often normal for proofing, corrections and subsequent proofs, especially if several people are reviewing a piece and out-of-office time for involved staff is a consideration.

Printing: Standard turnaround is usually two weeks externally unless the selected vendor needs to outsource any portions of the job. Please keep in mind that can add significant time to the production schedule. In-house printing is obviously much quicker, largely dependent on scheduling of other jobs, but the limitations must be considered.

If your job will require photography, please keep in mind it takes time to schedule, shoot and/or choose photos, especially when many photos are needed.

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