Alumni Association staff dishes out Call Hall ice cream for incoming students

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During orientation and enrollment, the Alumni Association served 828 incoming students and their families. (Photo: K-State Alumni Association)

Logan Krizek, freshman in chemical engineering, knew choosing Kansas State University was going to be more than just a school; it was a family tradition.

“Everybody in the family went here,” said Krizek, who visited K-State on June 14 during orientation and enrollment for incoming students. “I love it. I’m looking forward to getting involved and meeting new people.”

After a long day of exploring campus, enrolling in classes and bearing the heat, families and friends stopped by the Alumni Center to enjoy Call Hall ice cream dished out by the K-State Alumni Association staff. After cooling down, Logan’s mom, Jill Keever Krizek ’89, joked about the “real” reason Logan chose K-State.

“I told him that we would pay for college as long as he went to K-State,” she said.

Jill is a December 1989 graduate of K-State and a lifetime member of the Alumni Association. In the summer of 1989, Jill met her future husband, Theron, a May 1989 graduate, when he brought his younger sister to campus for a tour. Thinking back to her first day, Jill said she was apprehensive about starting college.

“The night before classes were supposed to start, I was sitting in my dorm room and all I could think was, ‘What did I get myself into?" But once school started and she got involved in a sorority, Jill said, she saw her grades improve. She added that she urged Logan to get involved and to check out the greek system.

First-generation college student Cody Borwege, Medford, Minn., said he originally wanted to go to a school closer to home because his friends were going there. However, when one of his friends changed his mind, Borwege decided to attend K-State.

“Once he backed out of school because it wasn’t for him, I thought I might as well dive in head first,” Borwege said. “A big-time school and a big-time program – can’t double dip more than that.”

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Borwege said he is going to major in architecture and looks forward to the atmosphere and the endless opportunities provided by K-State. “It’s awesome,” Borwege said. “If you don’t have a friend here, you’re doing something wrong.”

Borwege came down with his mother, Karol, who said having the first of four children leave is a little difficult. 

“It’s crazy because it’s really far away for the first one — eight hours,” she said. “I don’t want him to forget the overall reason why he’s here.”

During orientation and enrollment, the Alumni Association served 828 incoming students and their families.

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