Letter from President Schulz addresses state budget

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Dear Faculty and Staff,

Welcome to the summer! I know we are in the middle of summertime as we see our new K-State first-year students, transfer students and parents on campus for new student orientation. If you see a family looking a little lost, be sure to welcome them to K-State and help them find their way!

The last several weeks have been a bit frantic — the Legislature finalized the higher education budget; we made presentations to the Kansas regents on proposed tuition and fees; and there was significant media attention about the impact of legislative decisions on accessibility to public universities. 

I want to provide a summary of our three-year salary plan to the campus community, and to discuss how we intend to cope with the 4 percent budget cut Kansas State received. This letter is a bit longer than normal this month, but I want to be sure everyone has a thorough description of how we intend to proceed with a variety of financial issues confronting K-State. 

So what are our guiding principles as we cope with less state support? Our university visionary plan, K-State 2025, is an important road map for how we make financial decisions. As we prioritize what we will fund and how we will handle our budget cuts, we must keep in mind our overall goal of becoming a Top 50 Public Research University. In my financial descriptions given below, I have framed our decisions around our K-State 2025 themes. 

Read the full letter here.

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