Recent surveys indicate success for K-State graduates

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Survey results show that 93 percent of K-State graduates who earned bachelor's degrees in 2012-13 are employed or pursuing further education and advanced degrees -- a percentage increase from last year. (Photo: K-State Communications and Marketing)

According to the results of a 2013 alumni survey administered by the Kansas State University office of assessment polled 2,797 alumni who graduated between summer 2011 and spring 2012, earning an undergraduate from K-State is a worthwhile endeavor.

Of those who were polled, 870 responded and 95 percent of respondents said they would choose K-State again if they could start over, while 98 percent reported they would recommend K-State to a potential student.

Overall, 79 percent were engaged in some kind of employment, while 28 percent reported enrollment in professional or graduate school — 8.5 percent were both enrolled and employed. Less than 4 percent reported being unemployed. Of those employed, 66 percent said K-State gave them an advantage in finding a job, while 96 percent felt their K-State experience prepared them well for their present job. Of those in graduate school, 82 percent reported that their undergraduate education prepared them for education beyond the bachelor's degree.

The alumni survey is designed to give graduates an opportunity to reflect upon their years at K-State one year after graduation. This information is used to improve the college experience for future students by identifying strengths in K-State's programs as well as areas that need development. The survey includes issues relating to satisfaction with K-State academic programs, intellectual and personal growth, student services, and preparation for a career or graduate/professional school.

For additional information on the alumni survey, including detailed reports, sample information and infographics, see the office of assessment data and survey results website.   

Another survey conducted by the university's career and employment services polled K-State's graduates who received bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees during 2013-13. This survey found an increase in the percentage of new graduates with jobs -- more than half of them in Kansas -- as well as rising salaries and a broad range of career choices.

Survey results show that 93 percent of graduates who earned bachelor's degrees in 2012-13 are employed or pursuing further education and advanced degrees -- a percentage increase from last year. The university's latest class of graduates also had the highest employment percentage of the last five years at 72 percent.

"Results for our most recent class reflect the steady success of K-State graduates in obtaining employment or continuing their education with a K-State degree," said Kerri Day Keller, director of the university's career and employment services. "It's exciting to see them taking their first steps toward their career aspirations."

As reported by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the national average starting salary for 2013 college graduates is almost 3 percent higher than last year. The university's survey shows that more than half of all majors saw their salary offers increase over the previous year.

"Employer interest in this year's class appears strong as well," Keller said. "We have kicked off the new semester with three sold-out career fairs and are hosting about 350 employers on-campus within a 30-day time period this spring.

According to the survey results, the top corporate employers of bachelor's degree graduates are Cerner, GTM Sportswear, Koch Industries, Cargill and Burns & McDonnell; the top public and nonprofit sector employers are Saint Francis Community Services, the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force. Top unified school district employers are Geary County, Manhattan-Ogden and Blue Valley. The survey also showed that 62 percent of employed bachelor's degree graduates accepted jobs in Kansas, while Missouri, Texas and Colorado are the top out-of-state locations.

“Students know that by choosing Kansas State University they will get an unparalleled undergraduate experience,” said Pat Bosco, vice president for student life and dean of students. “What’s more, they can see from their peers that the undergraduate experience will pay off when they enter the workforce or continue on to graduate and professional schools.”

The breakdown of salaries, a list of employers who have hired the university's graduates and more can be found on the career and employment services website.

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