Cultivating philanthropy

K-State Foundation
(Image: K-State Foundation)

We are not born philanthropists. We arrive on this earth with no innate sense of altruism. But as we grow, we learn concern and compassion for others from our family, our friends, our teachers and our communities. Over time, we realize there is a world outside of ourselves and that helping others is part of being human.

Perhaps that’s why the culture of philanthropy is so strong at Kansas State University. As a community of learners that more frequently calls itself a family, giving back seems to be part of the purple DNA — a common tie that unites generations of K-Staters. Without question, K-State is a place where students learn to make a difference.

In the cover story of the spring 2013 issue of Good for K-State magazine, you’ll meet K-State students and young alumni who all learned what it means to give. To meet these outstanding young people, click here.

Read the complete issue here.

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