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Plan for Success provides selected first-year students with the opportunity to enroll at K-State and access the resources needed to become successful students. (Photo:

For 150 years, Kansas State University has been committed to promoting access and opportunity to all those who want to attend college, a key tenet of its mission as a land-grant university. Furthering that mission, a new program launched this fall, Plan for Success, is providing selected first-year students with the opportunity to enroll at K-State and access the resources needed to become successful students.

According to Andrea Lo, academic counselor in Plan for Success, the program is an example of K-State fulfilling its land-grant mission and aims to include and accept students who have applied and have potential but may not meet all admission requirements set by the Kansas Board of Regents.

“K-State has a long-standing policy to support and provide access to students who want a college education,” Lo said. “Essentially, in this program, as the Office of Admissions processes applications, they look beyond test scores and examine things like why a student wants to go to college, their financial readiness and why they feel they’re prepared. It’s looking at the whole picture.”

Designed for individuals who have demonstrated potential to be successful in their college career, Plan for Success requires students to sign a learning contract. During their first semester, students can enroll in no more than 12 credit hours, including one university experience course. The program also matches a student with an adviser who provides one-on-one counseling and mentoring in their first year at K-State. Currently, 70 students are enrolled in the program.

Lo said students meet every other week with an adviser who connects them with resources on campus that help them fit into the campus culture, succeed academically, become more independent and gain confidence.

“For example, we work to help students improve and develop good study strategies and time management skills,” Lo said. “We discuss how they study in specific classes and help them evaluate what is working and work together to brainstorm techniques to address anything that is going wrong.”

“Individuals participating in Plan for Success are held to the same standards as any K-State student,” Lo added. “To track success, we’re helping individuals with their personal goals and working to increase freshman-to-sophomore retention and graduation rates.”

Lo commended K-State for being at the forefront of this type of program, which she said is currently not offered at many universities.

“It’s great that K-State is making a commitment to these students,” Lo said. “We’re excited to see the impact that it can have.”

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