It's Drive with Pride awareness month

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Are you ready to add Wildcat pride to your ride? September is Drive with Pride awareness month.

Anyone can purchase a K-State license plate for their work vehicle, personal vehicle or even an RV. K-State license plates are available in Kansas, Texas and Maryland.

K-State license plates help support K-State students. The tax-deductible royalties paid on K-State License Plates have raised $2 million for student scholarships and recognition of achievements.

Since February, buying and renewing the K-State license plate is easier than ever. When purchasing or renewing your K-State plate, Kansas county treasurers directly accept the $50 donation to the K-State Alumni Association and $5 processing fee, in conjunction with paying your annual state tags and taxes.

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Frequently asked questions about K-State license plates
• How do I get a tag?
New tags can be purchased in your county treasurer office. At the treasurer's office, you will pay an annual tax-deductible donation of $50 plus a $5 processing fee to the K-State Alumni Association, a one-time production charge of $50.50, plus your annual tags and taxes. Production charge is subject to change.

• When should I order my tag?
You may order a tag at any time. However, to avoid paying the annual donation twice in one year, the best time to purchase a tag is during your annual tag renewal process.

• Who can purchase a plate?
Any Kansas resident with a car or truck registered in the state of Kansas. The vehicle weight limit is 20,000 pounds. Residents of Maryland and Texas also can drive with pride.

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• What does the annual $50 donation go toward?
Funds from the License Plate Program help provide scholarships and recognition for K-State students. Since the program began in 1996, alumni, fans and friends of K-State have raised $2 million.

• How are tag numbers assigned?
All plates have numbers that are assigned on a random basis. Personalization of the Powercat plates is not an option.

Coming in 2014!

Motorcycle K-State plates will soon be available! Sign up to be the first to find out more at

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