Job Timeline

How long will it take to complete my job?

This may be the most frequently asked question the Communications staff receives. It can be a difficult one because the answer depends on many variables:

• How complex is the piece?

• Is it a new job or a reprint with minimal changes?

• Does it require writing and editing?

• Does it require photography? And, if so, will a shoot need to be scheduled?

• Is all information available at the onset of the request?

• Does it require extensive creative design?

• Is it one, two, three or four colors?

• What is the quantity?

• Will the job require production estimates?

• Are there multiple pieces to the project?

• How many people are involved in the conceptual, proofing and approval process?

• Will it print internally or externally?

• If sent to an outside vendor to print, will it be necessary for them to outsource any portions of the job?

• How many other jobs (including the K-Stater magazine) are in process at the time of the request?

Once your job has been initiated; your assigned Communications contact will work with you to plan a schedule allowing for all stages of production including the criteria outlined above. A rough guideline follows for new design requests (including printing). Ample time for testing of new electronic jobs is essential.

Newsletter (depending on size and complexity): 4-8 weeks

Brochure: 4-6 weeks

Flash presentation: 6 weeks

HTML e-mail: 2-4 weeks

Poster: 3-5 weeks

Flier: 2-4 weeks

Web extensive content/structural changes: 2-3 weeks

Ads: 1-2 weeks

News release: 2 days-2 weeks

Specialty items (e.g. T-shirts, glasses, decals, etc.): Can vary greatly due to complexity and outsourcing requirements

Ideally, new design jobs need to be submitted at least six weeks prior to needed date. For more complex jobs, those that require extensive writing or design, editing, production, the shooting of original photography, etc., more time may be needed.

Please allow at least two weeks for the reprinting of jobs with no changes.

Lead time needed for a mailing list request from Jeanine Lake, 2-5059 or, is two weeks.