How much does a tour cost?
Tour costs are given in good faith upon trip selection. Costs are per-person rates, based on double occupancy. All tours offer a limited number of single rooms, and a single supplement is charged. When possible, the travel company may keep a list of single travelers who wish to share accommodations and can put individuals in touch with one another to discuss possibilities.

Upon booking, a deposit is required. This may be charged to a credit card or paid by check. The tour company bills the final payment typically 75 days prior to the trip. Most companies accept either check or credit card for the final payment.

Many trips are priced without international airfare. You may choose to book your own using connecting information provided by the travel company. This is a benefit to you, as you may be able to utilize frequent flier miles or take advantage of specials offered by airlines. Or, you may utilize airfare provided by the travel company. Since we like to ensure that all details are taken care of for our passengers, we will almost always recommend that you utilize the company's airfare so that all of your connections and transfers are provided. The travel company will let you know the cost and flight times prior to booking the arrangements. If you choose to book your own airfare, the travel company can provide you with the appropriate transfer information.

Do I have to be a member of the K-State Alumni Association?
No, you do not have to be a member. We have lots of family members and friends who travel with us. We would be pleased to have you as a member of the K-State Traveling Wildcats family. Even if you are not a member, once you travel with us we now have the capability to keep you up-to-date on future travel opportunities, so from time to time you will receive other information from us. You are under no obligation – it's just our way of wanting to keep you involved and aware of new trip offerings.

What tour companies do you work with?
The Association utilizes travel companies specializing in alumni and affinity travel. Tour operators are researched for experience, safety, integrity, reliability and commitment to alumni group travel needs. We have enjoyed a wonderful long-term relationship with all of the companies we presently work with. You will find their service to be of the utmost quality.

When are trips planned?
The travel program is planned on a calendar basis and contracted at least one year in advance. Itineraries and details are given in good faith based on information available at the time the trip is chosen. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. Often times we share the departure dates with other universities or affinity groups. Brochure mailings are typically mailed 8-10 months prior to trip departure. If you are not currently receiving our brochures and are interested, please fill out our online information request form or call 800-600-2586 or 785-532-6260.

How do I learn more about a trip I'm interested in?
Our website offers information about each trip. Simply select a trip to view more information. You also can to request a full-color brochure. Our brochures are printed 8-10 months prior to trip departure. You also may call and visit with us at 800-600-2586. Once you are booked on a trip, detailed information will be sent directly from the travel company.

Are there any physical requirements?
To enjoy your alumni travel experience to its fullest, we recommend that participants be in good health and able to keep pace with the group. If you require extraordinary assistance we recommend that someone who can provide the required assistance accompany you. If you have questions about the physical requirements of individual tours, the travel company passenger coordinator can provide detailed information about physical demands for the trip.

How is airfare handled?
Many of our travel companies are now offering their travel programs priced without airfare included. This allows our travelers to either utilize frequent flier miles or perhaps take advantage of a special. If this is not the case, the Association strongly recommends that you utilize the airfare that can be provided by the travel company. They will let you know the price and connecting times prior to actually booking the airfare. This is just one more detail we like to take care of for you, so you can be assured of the appropriate connections and transfers. If you choose to book your own air, the travel company can provide you with the connection and transfer information. If you do not arrive when the scheduled transfers are provided, you are responsible for handling this on your own (using the recommended ways of transfer the company will provide to you).

Can I deviate from the schedule?
Absolutely! Many of our travelers choose to go early or stay longer. The travel company can assist you with this. However, they will charge a slight deviation fee. Our all-inclusive programs are very interesting and exciting, but we realize there may be times when you choose to "do your own thing" rather than stay with the group. Just be sure to let the travel director know not to expect you that day.

If your date doesn't work for me is it possible to go at another time?
Possibly. Some of our travel companies offer the same destinations several times throughout the year. Although we'd rather you go with our group, we can check into the possibility of openings on another date – just know you won't be traveling with a K-State group.

How do I make a reservation?
Some of our trips have a link to a reservation form. You may request a brochure, which has a reservation form with it that you can fill out and mail or fax to us. Or, you can simply call us at 800-600-2586 and book the trip by phone.

What happens after I book a trip?
After booking, you will receive a confirmation letter from us as well as from the travel company. All travel documents will come directly from the travel company. This includes destination information and detailed itineraries, a travel insurance packet, airfare documents, invoices for final payments and excellent detailed information regarding everything you need to know prior to leaving (weather, clothing, packing, etc). The Association serves as a liaison between you and the company, and we are pleased to assist in any way we can.

What documents do I need for my trip?
A passport is required for all international travel. Make sure your passport is valid beyond your return date. To apply for a passport, contact your local post office for an application and instructions several months before your departure. If the trip requires a Visa, information will be sent to you from the travel company.

When will I receive my final documents?
Your final documents will be sent to you directly from the travel company about two weeks prior to your departure. They are sent by priority mail and are not able to be delivered to a P.O. box. It is imperative that you check your documents immediately after receiving them to ensure that everything is included and accurate.

Does the Alumni Association offer travel insurance?
The Alumni Association partners with USI Travel Insurance Services to offer travel insurance. Travelers are free to decide whether or not they would like to purchase insurance and are not required to purchase insurance from USI.

Can I cancel and get a refund for my trip?
Be sure to read the cancellation policies that apply to your particular trip. Most generally, penalties apply as a percent of the tour cost calculated by the number of days prior to departure. Trip cancellation insurance can be a part of your travel insurance package.

What if I have other questions?
Contact Terin Walters at 800-600-2586 or TWalters@k-state.com.