MAC logoThe K-State Alumni Association started the Multicultural Constituent Program in March of 1992. It was a program that created and supported a variety of activities for over 5,000 multicultural alumni and students of color. Multicultural Constituent Program's main goal was to build and maintain strong relationships between the university, alumni, friends and students. 

In 1993 the Multicultural Alumni Council (MAC) was created to serve as an advisory committee to the Alumni Association’s multicultural constituent program. Today, the Multicultural Constituent Program has evolved into the K-State Alumni Association's associate director of diversity position in the programs department. Over the years MAC was at a standstill and the K-State Board of Directors set a goal in the strategic plan to re-establish the Council.

Past Council Members
Mary Abounabhan '18
Ian Bautista '94, '97
David Brown '77
Christine Caban '16
Brandon Clark '09
Marilyn Cuch '95
Sheila Ellis-Glasper '10
Cynthia Fails '02
Zuleica Gerardo '16
Myra Gordon
Talia Gutierrez '07
Calvin Mayfield '92
Christopher Merriewether '10
Makinsey McIntosh ’19
Skye Nguyen '97
Dana Owens '03
Leobardo Prieto '00
Sylvia Robinson '71
Joe Tinker '16
Jessica Vanderweide '07

Tyrone Williams