Larry Weigel

Larry Weigel's '68, '69 first introduction to K-State came in the form of an athletic scholarship from head basketball coach Fred "Tex" Winter in the fall of 1962. Following graduation, he coached under three head basketball coaches: Winter, Cotton Fitzsimmons and Jack Hartman. 

He later worked for the KSU Foundation as a head of annual giving and stayed in that role until 1978 when he became the executive director of the K-State Alumni Association. In that role he helped start the Association’s credit card program. He would stay in that role for 10 years until going into the private sector to work in financial planning.

Larry and his wife, Kay Weigel '66, '79, understood the importance of supporting future generations of K-Staters and decided to endow a scholarship for students in Ellis County to attend K-State.

"I was one of the first people in my family to go to college and get a full scholarship and it made a significant difference," Weigel said. "Having not only gone to school here, but having worked here in the athletic department, in the Foundation and Alumni Association, we got to meet so many nice people through the years and we got to see why giving a scholarship, giving back something is important.”

*Information adapted from the June 1988 issue of K-Stater magazine and other Alumni Association records