Wedding Planning

Make your reception a night you will never forget. With our main ballroom that can seat up to 400 people, let your fantasy come true. At the Alumni Center, we believe everyone should have an amazing experience when visiting our establishment. With friendly staff and amazing décor, we promise you a night filled with joy and excitement. Let us help you host the most special day of your life!

The following is a basic list of policies and procedures to help make your day the best it can be. Please refer to the Usage Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions for more information. For additional questions, please contact Lauren Chard, Alumni Center manager, at 800-600-2586 or

More photos of room setups can be found on the K-State Alumni Center Facebook page.

• For events such as wedding receptions, holiday parties, class reunions, etc., with a dance, the first floor of the Alumni Center is required to be rented. This space includes: the Barrett Wildcat Den, Tointon Great Room, Johnson Terrace and the entire Banquet Room.
• The cost for renting the first floor, along with the dance floor is $2,000. A deposit of $1,000 is required to reserve the space. The remaining balance is due before the event date.

• No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the facility by a party other than the approved caterer.
• The individual or agency sponsoring the event assumes responsibility for compliance with all laws governing the dispensing and serving of alcoholic beverages.
• No alcoholic beverages may be sold without a license. A caterer having the required licenses to serve the alcoholic beverages is required for events. Sale of alcoholic beverages must be arranged for and purchased through a licensed caterer of alcoholic beverages. 
• Only persons of legal drinking age may possess, be served, or be permitted to consume alcoholic beverages. 
• Alcoholic beverages are not allowed outside the designated boundaries of the Alumni Center. 
• The Association reserves the right to control the time and length of an event in which alcohol is served. The Association further reserves the right to deny service to individuals and to discontinue the service of alcoholic beverages prior to the scheduled ending time should the conduct and decorum of the guests or violations of these guidelines or state laws make it necessary to do so. If the Association thinks it is necessary to have security at the event, it will arrange such, at the expense of the sponsor. 
• All alcohol must be served by the catering staff. Bottles of alcohol are not to be placed on guest tables, nor are guests to have the ability to serve themselves.
• Alcoholic beverages must be purchased prior to 30 minutes before the end of the event.

• The space is available 8 a.m. to midnight day of event. 
• All events must conclude no later than midnight. 
• Allow one hour of cleanup after reception has concluded. 
• Space will not be available to rent for wedding receptions during the following times: April through K-State's spring commencement and on home football games.

• Cakes may be provided from outside vendors. 
• The vendor does not need to be one of the approved caterers for the Alumni Center. 

• No open flame candles will be permitted. Candles must be encased in glass. Votives are allowed, as well as tea lights as long as they are in a container or floating in water.

• All decorations and rental items must be approved by the building manager. They must be free-standing, including signs. Nothing is to be attached to the walls or ceiling. No posters or banners will be permitted on the Alumni Center exterior or grounds without the approval of the building manager.
• No helium balloons will be allowed in the Banquet Rooms or Tadtman Board Room.
• Glitter, sprinkles or confetti will not be allowed in the Alumni Center. 
• The removal of any fixtures, furniture or furnishings from the Alumni Center is prohibited. 

What’s Included?
• Set up and clean-up of all spaces including tables, chairs, dance floor
• Professional and knowledgeable event staff on site all day and evening
• Complimentary use of two 12' drop-down projection screens
• Grand entrance down the elegant Stolzer Grand Staircase