Mission Statement and Strategic Plan

Our Mission

To lead and inspire lifelong involvement that will benefit Kansas State University and all members of our Wildcat Community.


Shaking Hands
Core Values

Our core values ground and sustain us and support our commitment to a high-performing organizational culture.  Through these six attributes, members of the K-State Alumni Association Board of Directors, professional staff and volunteers worldwide will achieve our mission.

1. Integrity
We uphold integrity as a cornerstone of our organization, demonstrated through our fiscal responsibility, strong work ethic, commitment to diversity, respect for others and trusted leadership.   

2. Excellence
We strive to exceed expectations and be a leading alumni association among our peers.  

3. Link
We are a gateway to Kansas State University for Wildcats worldwide.  We provide the lifelong link that alumni and friends depend on to remain connected to and engaged with K-State and one another.

4. Tradition
We are the stewards of K-State’s proud and diverse heritage and celebrate old and new traditions alike.

5. Teamwork
We work together with our partners to achieve the highest levels of excellence in programming and service to alumni and the university.

6. Purple
More than a color, purple is a metaphor for the genuine sense of family that exists among our alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff and friends.  It is a symbol of the pride and passion we share for our great university and for one another.  

Strategic Goal I:
Create and advocate lifelong connections

The Alumni Association will lead and advocate for the development of high-quality, high-value programs that ensure lifelong engagement and meet the needs of alumni. 

1. Create programs that reach out, connect and serve a  diverse alumni community  
2. Initiate collaborative efforts/programs with partners (university/colleges) to enhance alumni constituent engagement    
3. Enhance the student experience and cultivate lifelong connections with the Alumni Association and K-State 
4. Support programs that  provide more robust mentoring and networking opportunities: alumni to student and alumni to alumni   
5. Celebrate traditions that strengthen alumni connections and engagement 


Grad Cap
Strategic Goal II: 
Advance K-State and the interests and voice of alumni

Lead alumni engagement and facilitate two-way communication with the university and our K-State family partners to support K-State’s aspirations.

1. Provide quality communications to help  the Wildcat Community stay informed, engaged and connected to the university including the effective use of technology   
2. Enhance or expand collaborative efforts with strategic university partners to increase engagement within a diverse Wildcat Community    
3. Generate scholarship funds to support future generations of K-Staters
4. Advance K-State through student recruitment programming
5. Provide award programs to recognize alumni, faculty and student achievements to elevate knowledge of the University and K-State alumni contributions to the world  
6. Strengthen the Alumni Association brand to build greater awareness of its programs and services   


Strategic Goal III:  
Support and enhance the Alumni Association’s organizational capacity to meet future needs

Build resources and infrastructure to support Alumni Association programs and services that meet the growing needs of the university and Wildcat Community.

1. Continue growth in membership   
2. Grow financial resources and human capital to support programs, initiatives and the Alumni Center  
3. Develop partnerships to fund and support staffing needs for collaborative programs and services to engage the Wildcat Community 
4. Utilize best practices in technology to effectively support programs, initiatives, services and communications  
5. Provide database management services that continue to expand individual characteristics of alumni and friends, including their fields of interest, careers, involvement, etc., and support the greater needs of the university and its affiliates