Alumni Club Scholarships

The Alumni Association, alumni clubs and Catbacker clubs paid $81,050 in club scholarships for the 2017-18 academic year.

Scholarship money raised by alumni clubs and Catbacker clubs is supplemented with contributions from the Alumni Association, President's Office and the Col. Gayle Foster Scholarship fund.

Participating alumni clubs and the amount each awarded follow:

Powercat Dickinson County Area $2,600
Powercat Dodge City Area $3,850
Powercat East Central Area $5,200
Powercat Emporia Area $4,250
Powercat Finney County Area $7,200
Powercat Franklin County Area $2,800
Powercat Great Bend Area $2,750
Powercat Greenwood County Area $800
Powercat Hays Area $7,000
Powercat Lawrence Area $3,200
Powercat Liberal Area $2,000
Powercat Ness City/Dighton Area $3,300
Powercat North Central Kansas Area $1,600
Powercat Northwest Kansas Area $900
Powercat Solomon Valley $1,800
Powercat Southeast Kansas Area $4,900
Powercat South Central Kansas Area $2,700
Powercat St. Joseph Area $3,000
Powercat Wichita Area $18,700
Powercat Winfield Area  $2,500