Alumni Center Pavers

You walked through the K-State campus every day. Going to class, meeting new people and gaining new friends along the way. Undoubtedly, it made a lasting impression on your life.

Now you can place a personalized stone paver at the Alumni Center and leave your name on campus forever.

Pavers may be inscribed with your name or they may be purchased in honor of your child's or relative's graduation, as a memorial to a dear friend or to recognize others. The dark gray, slate pavers line the north terrace at the Center. The purchase of a paver is fully tax deductible.
Inscribing a Paver

Each personalized paver can be purchased for $600.  Pavers are 12" x 12" and will accommodate three lines of text with 17 characters per line. With more than 40,000 Association members and even more K-State alumni and friends, a limited number of pavers are available. Pavers will be sold on a first-come first-serve basis.

Purchasing a Paver
If you wish to have your pavers placed next to other specific pavers, the orders must be placed within the same 24-hour period.

If you have any questions or need more information about the Alumni Center pavers please contact Terin Walters at 785-532-6260 or

Order Online
Order By Mail/Fax

Please note: Purchasing pavers benefits the Alumni Center building campaign. If you wish to support Alumni Association programs, you may be interested in contributing via Tradition Founders

Paving Memories fatula photo
“As my husband’s 40th birthday approached the idea came to mind of an engraved paver outside the Alumni Association. His birthday was spent in Manhattan with relatives, friends, a Cat Town party and a Wildcat football victory. The personalized paver was a great surprise and an ideal statement to our commitment and love of K-State. I felt like the Alumni Association terrace was the proper location to commemorate where we met, to support the College of Agriculture and the College of Human Ecology, to prove our pride as alumni and to show our kids the quality of FAMILY. It was wonderful to see the paver installed and our names leaving a mark on what was and continues to be such an important part of our lives....Kansas State University!”

-Katy Fatula, on purchasing a paver for her husband, Brian