Founders Circle 2021-2022

Champions ($10,000 and above)
Bim and Dianne Braddock
Candy Duncan

Leaders ($5,000-$9,999)
Thane Baker
Bruce Bales
Dan and Beth Bird
Jerry and Barbara Boettcher
Thomas and Jeanne DeLaHunt
Jan and Rob Eichman
Sharon Fortmeyer-Selan
Lavonne Harris
Betty Houser
Carl and Mary Ice
Jim and Laura Johnson
Steve and Cathy Lacy
Ward and Brenda Morgan
Allen Renz and Amy Button Renz
Randy Sedlacek and Mary Ventura
Phil Shrack
Dee Sturdevant
Mary Vanier

Friends ($2,500-$4,999)
Pete and Chris Abell
Helen Arnold
Alice Beauchene
Van Bullock
Link and Tracey Evans
Curt and Sherry Frasier
Mike and Vicki Graft
David and DeAnn Haake
Don and Theresa Hecht
Jerry and Donna Hess
Robert and Jeanette Huizenga
J R Isch
Donald and Anita Jennison
Tom and Shirley Knappenberger
Trent and Jody Lancaster
Roger and Kathleen Lanksbury
Travis Lenkner and Erin Delaney
Chancy and Zach Love
Robin Maupin
Jeff McDade
Howard and Jane Meier
Audrey Mross
Dick and Mary Jo Myers
Kevin and Stacie Needham
Daymian Reed
Nicki Reed
Sandy and Jim Reilly
David and Paula Ripple
Kevin Smith
James White
Margaret Wood

Members ($1,000-$2,499)
Ralph Arnott
Jack and Janet Ayres
Don and Cheryl Baker
Ernie and Bonnie Barrett
Sue Barsamian and Bill Romans
Rex and Fran Beach
Steve Bernasek
Rand and Patti Berney
Margaret Beyer
Rene Bollier
Jerry and Debra Braden
Ginny Braden
Lanny and Mary Brent
Patsy Brumfield
Sandy Castetter
Nancy Chiou-Siepman
Charlie and Rebecca Claar
Stan and LeAnn Clark
Joanne Clum
John and CJ Collins
Olivia Collins
Bill Cooney
Randy and Jacquie Coonrod
David Corley
Terry and Tara Cupps
Bob and Sheri Curry
Beth Davis
Julie and Roger Davis
Anthony Dearth
Betty D'Elosua
Barbara Dettmer
Paul and Marilyn Dongilli
Sara Doornbos and Wes Williams
Sherry Downey
Brian and Cheryl Doyle
Brandon and Jaclyn Drake
John Eastlund
Norman and Janet Elliott
Amelia Evans
Richard and Sharon Evers
Don Flesher
Mark Fleury and Beth Ludlum
Cathy Flinchbaugh
Dave and Patricia Franz
Owen Gaul
Jeff and Lynn Gillam
Penny Gisselbeck-Goldsmith
Don and Linda Glaser
Dan and Christa Golden
Patty Grossman
Pat and Jill Harrison
Garry Hart
Steven and Cynthia Heeney
John and Becky Howard
Phil Howe
Patrick Howell
Nabeeha and Coleman Hutchins
Ron and Rae Iman
Carolyn Jackson
Norman and Claudia Jackson
Marjory James
Doug and Janet Johnson
Steve and Ann Johnson
Todd and Mandy Johnson
Kenneth and Marilyn Johnston
Pat and Rhonda Johnston
Larry and Pat Kendall
Bill Kennedy
Rich and Hannah Kerschen
Kellan and Elizabeth Kershner
Lake Kinney
Michael and Carolyn Kleiber
Jim and Jackie Koch
Mel and Ellen Kopf
Duane and Kathy Koster
Frances Kottler
Curtis and Jennifer Krizek
Mark and Carolyn Lacy
Tony Lask
Tim and Jan Leach
John and Linda Lee
Susan Lewis
Pam Maben and Jo Koehn
Rich Macha
Terry and Cathy Matlack
Bob Matthews
Justin and Melissa McClarty
Roger and Kristie McClellan
Matthew and Shari McCoy
Deborah McCullough
Earl and Molly McVicker
Larry and Sue Metheney
Dorothy Meyer
Bill Miller and Debbie Leckron Miller
Lynn Moore and Michael Farrell
John and Linda Morgan
William and Laura Morland
Laree Mugler
Joe and Donna Murphy
F D Murry
Casey and Cheryl Mussatto
David and Mary Jo Nelson
Bill and Pattie Nicholson
Jarrell and Eleanor Nuss
David Oswalt and Janet Berry-Oswalt
Tim and Lisa Oswalt
Sung Park
Bruce and Nancy Peters
James and Patricia Peterson
Natalie Petzoldt
Gerald Polich
Steve and Angie Priddle
Brad and Sheri Razook
Victor Regnier and Judith Gonda
Dan and Kathy Richardson
Mike and Kathy Riordan
Barry and Marcia Robinson
Roy and Sylvia Robinson
Carolyn Roby
Ernie and Dawn Rogers
Lori Rogge
Ben Roth
Keith and Sally Rush
Sandra Rutkowski
John and Virginia Sayler
Jim Schroeder
Al Seefeldt
Steve and Judy Sellers
Rhea and Pat Serpan
Bill and Jan Shaw
Raymond Shideler
Terry Siek
Terry and Carolyn Silvius
Marilyn Sjogren
Peter Skoog
Bernard Smith
Doug and Cindy Smith
Janice and Ted Smith
Mitch and Molly Snyder
Warren and Mary Lynn Staley
Paul and Marsha Stallsworth
Al and Mary Stecklein
Alan Steele
Phil and Pat Stroupe
Jim and Denise Tatman
Linda Tharpe
Richard and Lari Thomas
Bob Tointon
John Van Zandt
Anthony Visco
Joe Vossen
Ray and Carolyn Waller
Bruce and Megan Weber
Jodi and Chad Weiberg
Bob and Tasha Wessel
Lance and Kara White
Herb and Mary Sue Whitney
Chase and Elizabeth Wilson
J D Wilson
Laurie and Bruce Wimberly
Terry Wofford
Dick and Karen Works
Dan and Cheryl Yunk