Founders Circle

Dan and Cheryl Yunk"Since graduating from K-State, we have been active supporters of the K-State Alumni Association. Following our decision to become lifetime members, we became members of the Alumni Association’s Founders Circle. We felt this was just another way we could give back to the university and the Alumni Association, which have meant so much to us and our family. Through our donation, we know we’re making a significant impact on the Association’s budget, which will provide many programs and events that reach K-Staters everywhere!

We are proud of the K-State family and the loyalty shown by members who have helped the Alumni Association rank in the top five in the nation for percentage of graduates who are members. Please join us in becoming a Founders Circle member. Your support will make a difference."

– Dan Yunk ’71, ’75, ’87 and Cheryl Yunk ’72, ’79, Manhattan, Kansas


Founders Circle Leader ($5,000 and above)
Thomas and Jeanne DeLaHunt
Amy Button Renz and Allen Renz

Founders Circle Friend ($2,500-$4,999)
Pete Abell
Helen Arnold
Dan and Beth Bird
Jerry and Barbara Boettcher
Sandy Castetter
Jan and Rob Eichman
Link and Tracey Evans
Jerry and Donna Hess
Dan Houser
J R Isch
Jon Jeppesen
Jim and Laura Johnson
Bill and Cindy Keller
Chancy and Zach Love
Tom and Joan Mistler
Lynn Moore and Michael Farrell
Ward and Brenda Morgan
Audrey Mross
Dick Pearson
Brad and Sheri Razook 
Sandy and Jim Reilly
Randy Sedlacek and Mary Ventura
Dee Sturdevant
Allen West and Angela Graham-West

Founders Circle Member ($1,000-$2,499)
Jack and Janet Ayres
Bruce Bales
Ernie and Bonnie Barrett
Sue Barsamian and Bill Romans
Rand and Patti Berney
Lee Borck and Jackie Hartman Borck
Jerry and Debra Braden
Ben Brent
Jane Brunt
Deborah Brzezinski and Stephen Korzeniowski
Richard and Lynette Campbell
Lois Chandler
Robert and Merri Chandler
Vincent and Deborah Collier
Morley Cook
Billy and Selma Cooney
Randy and Jacquie Coonrod
Terry and Tara Cupps
Dean and Anna Danner
Judy De Noon
Barbara Dettmer
Brian and Cheryl Doyle
Candy Duncan
Louis Duncan Jr
Jim Eichman
Thomas Einck and Holly Serk
Michelle Elkins
Kevin and Deb Elm
Kenton  Epard
Richard and Sharon Evers
Jim Fairchild*
Don Flesher
Mark Fleury and Beth Ludlum
Cathy and Barry Flinchbaugh
David and Patricia Franz
Curt and Sherry Frasier
Owen Gaul
Jeff and Lynn Gillam
Don and Linda Glaser
Doug and Tina Glover
Kurtis Gosch
Douglas Guyer
David and DeAnn Haake
Lavonne Harris
Don and Theresa Hecht
Steven and Cynthia Heeney
Damon and Carrie Hininger
Steven and Colleen Hodes
John and Becky  Howard
Phil Howe
Duane Huizenga
Robert and Jeanette Huizenga
Ron and Rae Iman
Brad and Patty Ives
Carolyn Jackson
Norman and Claudia Jackson
Stacy Jackson
Marjory James
Todd and Mandy Johnson
Kenneth and Marilyn Johnston
Jack Jury
Larry and Pat Kendall
Rich and Hannah Kerschen
Jim and Jackie Koch
Mel and Bonnie Kopf
Duane and Kathy Koster
Kurtis and Jennifer Krizek
Steve and Cathy Lacy
Charlene and Rod Lake
Roger and Kathleen Lanksbury
Tony Lask
Jane Lauer
Travis Lenkner and Erin Delaney
Bill and Marsha Lewis
Pam Maben
Zach Maier
Stephen and DeAnna Marshall
Terry and Cathy Matlack
Earl and Molly McVicker
Larry and Sue Metheney
Carol and David Meyer
Wes and Sandy Milbourn
Lyle Moore
John and Linda Morgan
William and Laura Morland
Laree Mugler
Dick and Mary Jo Myers
David and Mary Jo Nelson
Bill and Pattie Nicholson
David Oswalt and Janet Berry-Oswalt
Janice Patterson
Doug and Sally Pence
Lawrence Propp Jr and Virginia Propp
Elizabeth Purcell-Keith
Jim Rash
Dan and Kathy Richardson
Earl Roberts
Barry and Marcia Robinson
Roy and Sylvia Robinson
Carolyn Roby
Ernie and Dawn Rogers
Keith and Sally Rush
Ryan and Rachel Sawyer
Bill and Jan Shaw
Janice and Ted Smith
Warren and Mary Lynn Staley
Al and Mary Stecklein
Richard and Denise Tatman
Peggy Taylor
Linda Tharpe
Bob and Betty Tointon
Jack Vanier
Marty Vanier
Mary Vanier
Ray and Carolyn Waller
Jodi and Chad Weiberg
James White
J D Wilson
Terry Wofford
Margaret Wood
Dan and Cheryl Yunk
Patty Zender

*indicates deceased