C. Dean McNeal Awarded University Alumni Medallion

Posted May 01, 1973

C. Dean McNeal was graduated from Kansas State University in 1934 with a degree in agricultural economics and taught at the university for one year following graduation. For two years he was head of the agricultural forecasting division for Ralston Purina Company of St. Louis prior to moving to Washington D.C., where he served as a food advisor for the office of Economic Stabilization and later director of the food division and deputy administrator for the Office of Price Administration.

Mr. McNeal joined the Pillsbury Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1947 and is now a member of the board of Directors and group vice president. He also is a member of the board of Donaldson Company, Minneapolis and Olson Farms, Inc., Los Angeles. He has been chairman of the board of the American Feed Manufacturers Association, the National 4-H Foundation, and is a trustee of the Nutrition Foundation, Inc.

Deeply engrossed in community affairs, Mr. McNeal has been president of the Greater Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce, the Metropolitan Employers Voluntary Plans for Progress Council, the Urban Coalition, and the Community Chest of Hennepin County, Minneapolis. He is chairman of the trustees of the United Presbyterian Church, member of the board on Christian Education of the United Presbyterian Church in the USA, a trustee of the United Theological Seminary and vice chairman of the board of Abbott-Northwestern Hospital.

He currently serves as a trustee of the Kansas State University Endowment Association, was director of the KSU Alumni Association and was recipient in 1963 of a KSU Centennial Award for Distinguished Service.

In recognition of your outstanding career and dedicated service in national and community affairs, Mr. McNeal, Kansas State University and its Alumni Association proudly present you the University Alumni Medallion.