What we love most about K-State Homecoming

Posted September 12, 2023


For some, it’s the memory of the K-State Marching Band playing music through the city streets during the parade. 

For others, it’s the brightly painted windows created by student artists in Aggieville. 

Or maybe it’s that “family reunion feeling” when everyone gathers in Bill Snyder Family Stadium on game day to cheer on the ’Cats.

As K-Staters, we all have our favorite things about Homecoming week on campus. It’s a special time of year when everyone is celebrating purple pride, and we hope you can join us at the party this year! 

2023 Homecoming will be Oct. 22-28, and this year’s theme is “Purple Dynasty.” 

We asked members of K-State’s Student Homecoming Committee to share their favorite things about the week. Also, be sure to keep scrolling for a full schedule of 2023 Homecoming events!

Sean Hoffmans

Junior studying organizational management and sales
Serving on the K-State Homecoming 2023 Parade Committee


“My favorite part about K-State Homecoming would have to be Wildcat Request Live. So many people come to watch each organization’s dance that they have been working months to perfect. The energy is awesome and everyone is having a great time. What fills me with the most purple pride would have to be the parade on Friday. When all of the K-State family is gathered around town cheering on the Wildcats, it truly makes Kansas State feel like home.”

Samuel Snider

Senior studying marketing
Serving as a K-State Homecoming 2023 5K intern


“My favorite thing about K-State Homecoming is seeing all the students, faculty and alumni together for an entire week to celebrate K-State and the Wildcat community. What fills me with the most purple pride is when it finally gets to Homecoming week and our committee executes an amazing Homecoming experience for everyone who participates in the Homecoming activities and events.”

Nyah Small

Senior studying organizational management
Serving as a K-State Homecoming 2023 Parade intern


“Favorite thing about Homecoming: Getting to see so much creativity from the student body and being able to display that for the community and alumni. I feel that Homecoming is not only just for the student body to enjoy, but also for alumni to look back and reflect on their time here at K-State, and also get the community involved on campus.

“What fills me most with purple pride: There was a moment when I was on the field for Homecoming last year holding the K-State flag before kickoff. I remember looking up and seeing the student section packed from one end to the other, and they were all doing the Wabash. Getting to see the student section from that point of view is what filled me most with purple pride. Getting to be a part of the best student section in the nation fills me with purple pride!”

Grace Gorges

Senior studying graphic design and entrepreneurship
Serving on the K-State Homecoming 2023 Paint the ’Ville Committee


“My favorite part about K-State Homecoming is seeing the whole K-State community come together to celebrate our school. Even though many of the participants in the Homecoming activities are fraternity and sorority community members, events such as the 5K, parade and football game truly involve the whole Manhattan and K-State community. As a non-sorority member of the Homecoming committee, I have enjoyed the opportunity of getting to be involved so directly.

“Seeing generations of Wildcats gathered together brings me purple pride as a K-State student, as well as excitement for being an alumnus — a reality that is coming soon in the future! Students and the greater Manhattan community’s unity in celebrating the university and its past, present and future clearly shows that the purpose of Homecoming goes beyond the events that take place throughout the week. It's about our K-State family as a whole.

“Overall, the combination of the community, creativity and generational K-State support and excitement of Homecoming makes me so proud to be a Wildcat and a part of Homecoming. Just writing about it makes me anticipate Homecoming week even more!”