Meet the K-State Student Ambassadors: Andrew Bergmeier and Avery Johnson

Posted November 15, 2023

Student Ambassadors

The job description for “K-State Student Ambassador” sounds simple enough: visit with prospective students and alumni; attend Student Alumni Board meetings and activities; and assist with programming on campus such as the Alumni Fellows, All-University Homecoming Committee and other special events.

However, the heart of the program is so much more: spreading passion for K-State and a deep sense of purple pride; sharing exactly what makes this place so special; and helping all those you interact with feel like a part of the K-State family. 

The job title comes with a weighty sense of responsibility, but Andrew Bergmeier and Avery Johnson are more than up to the task. 

Bergmeier, a junior in elementary education from Hutchinson, Kansas, and Johnson, a junior in human development and family science from Beloit, Kansas, were announced as the 2024 Student Ambassadors on Oct. 28 during halftime of K-State’s Homecoming football game against the University of Houston. 

“I’m eager to hear the stories of the K-State faithful throughout the state, including prospective students, alumni and fans,” Bergmeier said. “Additionally, I’m excited to make a positive impact on my school community and build connections with K-Staters all over the region.”

“I am most excited for the Wildcat journey this next year, discovering the proficiencies I can bring to the table to help promote the welfare of Kansas State University and encountering the many amazing faces of our alumni,” Johnson said. “K-State Wildcats are known for our sense of belonging, strong traditions of loyalty, and determination to succeed; it is my goal to perpetuate and reinforce these virtues of the Wildcat family.”

Established by the K-State Alumni Association in 1977, the Student Ambassador program elects two students each year to represent the student body at Alumni Association events throughout the state and at university activities. The Ambassadors serve a one-year term, and each receives the Kirk Family Student Ambassador Scholarship of $2,500, clothing from Manhattan clothing store Borck Brothers and an official K-State ring from Balfour and the Alumni Association.

About Andrew Bergmeier


  • Member of Delta Upsilon fraternity and Chimes Junior Service Honorary
  • Serves as president of the Call Me MISTER program at K-State
  • Involved in volunteer and community service work with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Riley County, Manhattan Catholic Schools and the Miss K-State Competition

Why is K-State important to you?

K-State is the place that challenged me, as a student and as a leader. It gave me the opportunity to have my voice and opinions heard. It gave me a sense of belonging and the courage to step out of my comfort zone. K-State allows me to represent something larger than myself. K-State is where my family went, and where I have so many incredible memories both as a student and a child.

What were your thoughts/feelings when you heard your name announced on the football field as the next Student Ambassador? 

Aside from the shockwave of anxiousness that spread quickly throughout my body, I felt an extreme level of pride for Kansas State. I thought I had reached an apex of pride for the Wildcats, but it surged to another level after hearing my name announced. Finally, I felt so humbled and grateful to have the support of the students behind me. As we were leaving the field it was hard to not shed a tear realizing the opportunity I had ahead of me, to represent the amazing university that gave me and so many others that sense of belonging, community and empowerment.  

What is your greatest challenge to overcome in projecting a positive image about K-State? 

My greatest challenge would be projecting diversity on the campus. K-State as a whole has a phenomenal opportunity to take steps in an ever-changing world. And we are. K-State is beginning to support diverse groups financially and outwardly. But with anything, there is always room for improvement and as an Ambassador I believe I can help with those things and have difficult conversations.

What qualities do you have that will allow you to succeed in the role of an Ambassador?

I believe that I am an active listener. Ambassadors must ensure everyone they talk to is being heard, asking open-ended questions. Additionally, Ambassadors must be approachable, someone who is able to be sympathetic and relate to real-life situations. 

Ambassadors must always bring energy, always portraying a positive attitude, and understand they reflect the university. Lastly, Ambassadors need to succeed in adaptability. I believe I have all these qualities, and they will help me succeed.

About Avery Johnson


  • Member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, Student Alumni Board and Student Foundation
  • Involved in volunteer and community service work with the No Stone Unturned Foundation
  • Launched a therapeutic art program for youth and nursing home patients called Art with Avery

Why is K-State important to you?

Kansas State provides an amazing blend of outstanding academics and intense fun built around strong traditions. The campus is filled with people as beautiful as the surroundings, which produces the kinds of creative and capable minds that are dynamic, filled with energy, and have endless pride for our Wildcats.

What were your thoughts/feelings when you heard your name announced on the football field as the next Student Ambassador?

I can’t even begin to describe my thoughts and feelings when my name was announced as the next K-State Ambassador without first mentioning just being on the same field as the K-State Marching Band. It honestly will go down as one of my all-time favorite Wildcat memories of being literally inches away from the intensity, talent and passion of our amazing band’s halftime show. Standing in front of thousands of people, including your close friends, dear family and your sorority sisters, who came to the stadium in the early morning hours to be on the front row during Homecoming festivities, while your name is being read as the next K-State Ambassador can only be described as a dream and a blessing from above.

What is your greatest challenge to overcome in projecting a positive image about K-State?

My greatest challenge to overcome in projecting a positive image about K-State is accepting criticism of the university I love so much. Criticism of any kind is hard to swallow; it’s human nature to feel a little defensive. However, I will challenge myself not to shy away from this feedback and look at it as an opportunity for a channel to foster growth and improvement.

What qualities do you have that will allow you to succeed in the role of an Ambassador?

I have a personal mission to use my leadership and entrepreneurial skills to impact others; my sense of purpose at K-State has centered around my desire to use my gifts of conversations and humor to share my love for the Wabash Cannonball, flying the purple and white colors, Willie the Wildcat, and the K-State family.