General Memories

These are memories recorded from Myrta Jennings Walter ’36, my mother. Myrta Jennings Walter, lived with the Paul and Marguerite Ayers family on Leavenworth Street from 1932 to 1936. She helped care for the three Ayers boys, David ’54, Donnie ’55 and Tommie ’61, while attending KSAC. Mother shared that Marguerite’s father, Walter Blair Stingley, was a contractor and built Memorial Stadium. Later, Marguerite’s brother in-law, Floyd O. Wolfenbarger and Bob McCulley ’56, ’68 of Wolfenbarger & McCulley designed KSU Stadium, now known as Bill Snyder Family Stadium. The 1934 KSAC Aggie football team was undefeated in the Big Six League, a feat not repeated until the 1998 KSU team went undefeated in league play. Myrta’s graduation from KSAC, May 25, 1936, was held in Memorial Stadium.

My memories of Memorial Stadium: I was a member of the freshman class of 1963. A welcome to KSU was held for the 100th class entering the university in Memorial Stadium on a Sunday afternoon. President James McCain welcomed the class. Women and guys dressed up to go to the football games in Memorial Stadium when I was in school — no jeans. On Homecoming, Mortar Board sold large mum corsages with a purple pipe cleaner KSU over the flower. I’m so excited that you are having a dedication of the stadium.
Glenna Walter Harrison ’67, ’74
Wichita, Kansas

My first day on campus as a freshman, after moving in, my family and I went and watched the band play here. Also spent a lot of time at Memorial Stadium thinking and reflecting on the year past and the year upcoming over the summer when I was a student. Loved being there and sitting up high in the old stands.
John Lantz ’09, ’12
Fairfax, Virginia