Congrats to our Wildcats Forever scholarship winner!

Posted May 02, 2024

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Congrats to K-State student Sam Jespersen, for winning our $1,000 fall Wildcats Forever scholarship drawing! Thank you to WTC Communications for their generous sponsorship of this scholarship and the Wildcats Forever program.

Wildcats Forever is the K-State Alumni Association's student organization. For only $25, students receive a membership T-shirt, and discounts to popular stores in Manhattan. There also are opportunities throughout the year to participate in events, contests and giveaways, just like the scholarship Sam received.

“We are excited about our giveaways this coming year and the opportunity to again award scholarships to members,” said Tamie Redding, associate director of student programs. “Become a Wildcats Forever member and start your connection with the student alumni association.”

To learn more about Wildcats Forever, visit our website