There are six steps that will help you as you make plans to start a K-State club in your area. 

U.S. club information:


International club information:


STEP 1: Check for a club in your area
Go to the clubs map and search for a club in your area. If there is not already an existing club and you wish to start one, please proceed through the following steps.

STEP 2: Join and register
The K-State Alumni Association requires that club leaders be members of the Alumni Association for a variety of reasons. In a very real sense, club leaders serve to represent K-State and the Alumni Association in their community. Therefore, Alumni Association membership is a vital part of leading an Alumni Club because members receive the latest K-State news through the K-Stater magazine and can share current events with their communities.

If you are not already a current Association member, join now.

STEP 3: Complete the online club application
Complete the online club application. This will allow the Alumni Association to identify the number of alumni in your area and help determine which type of club would be best to establish.

Once the application is received, the Association will contact you with information to help you proceed with the development of your club.

STEP 4: Establish a planning committee
Your responsibility will be to identify three to five other volunteers to form an event planning committee. The committee can consist of friends and family who have indicated an interest in being involved with the alumni club. If you do not know of any other K-Staters in the area the Alumni Association can assist in locating others in the area who might be interested in helping. Once you have notified the Association of the members on your committee, we will post your club information on our website.

The Alumni Association does not have a formal organizational chart with club officers, positions or elections, but we have found the greatest amount of success and enjoyment for volunteers comes with the formation of a planning committee to help share ideas and responsibilities.

STEP 5: Prepare your communication
Communication to alumni in your area is vital to the success of the club. The Alumni Association will work with you to determine how best to initially communicate with alumni in your area. Email and social media are the most common forms of communication with alumni and it will be up to you to determine the best way to develop the communication tactics. The Association will send out the initial email to the alumni in your area to let them know about the new club and to find out if they would be interested in being contacted about future events. From there, you will be able to communicate directly with alumni as to their preferred communication methods.

STEP 6: Complete the Event Planning Sheet
Once you've established a planning committee to help organize events, communicated with the alumni in your area and decided the activities you would like to start up, you'll need to complete an Event Planning Sheet. This allows the Alumni Association to put your event on our calendar and on your club web page.