Born to be a Wildcat

Born to be a wildcatDo you know a brand-new Wildcat? 

The K-State Alumni Association brings you the Born to Be a Wildcat program, which gives children ages 0 to 24 months their official introduction to K-State.

The program is free for all K-Staters. Parents, grandparents, family members and friends are invited to sign up their little K-Stater. Enroll today and your new Wildcat will receive a Born to Be a Wildcat membership kit.

Enroll Today!

Membership Kit
• Child's first keepsake letter from K-State
• A "Go K-State!" 5 X 7 magnetic picture frame
• Mailed birthday cards on the child's first and second birthday
• Alumni Association members have the option to have the birth announcement printed in the Class Notes section of the K-Stater magazine


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