The Dr. Ron and Rae Iman Outstanding Faculty Award for Research, sponsored by the K-State Alumni Association, will be awarded to a full-time K-State faculty member who has distinguished themselves in their chosen profession and who has contributed significantly through research to improve the betterment of the educational experience or whose research has had a significant impact on their area of study. One annual award with a $5,000 stipend will be presented to a K-State faculty member with a full-time appointment for the 2024-2025 school year. 

Award Criteria

• Nominator must be a current K-State faculty member
• Nominee must be a full-time K-State faculty member
• Nominee must have been on faculty at K-State for a minimum of five years
• Nominee must be available Thursday, Nov. 14, 2024, for the awards reception
Nomination must be received no later than Friday, Aug. 30, 2024

Nomination Evaluation

Distinguished service to profession demonstrated through leadership roles in and contributions to professional associations and societies and evidence in selection for awards and recognitions such as fellows of a society; distinguished service awards; designation as Regents Distinguished Professor; Kansas State University Distinguished Professor; Distinguished Graduate Faculty; and university or professional association awards for research contributions.

Contributions to the educational experience can be validated through mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students and junior faculty; collaboration with faculty, students and staff at K-State and other universities; integration of research into classes taught at K-State; serving as a guest lecturer about their research; quality work in the lab and classroom; aid in the retention of students; and strong working relationships on campus.

• Impact of research on area of study and reputation of K-State is evident through awards of grants and contracts; patents; presentations; publication in peer-reviewed publications including journals and proceedings; and citations of research articles.

Note: A new nomination form must be submitted each year. Nominations are not carried forward from previous years.