The K-State Alumni Association is here to help your campus group

Posted August 13, 2019

The K-State Alumni Association exists to inspire lifelong involvement with all members of the Wildcat Community. That's a fancy way of saying we help build connections between K-State's faculty, staff, students and alumni. Fostering those connections is critical to the Alumni Association's mission. To do so, the Association offers several services that can help departments, organizations and many associated campus groups.


1. We maintain the university's alumni database
Did you know more than 147,000 K-Staters live in Kansas alone? We did. The K-State Alumni Association has the most accurate and up-to-date information on all K-State graduates, friends, faculty/staff and donors who make up the Wildcat Community. Keeping the database updated is important to stay in contact with the more than 189,690 living graduates. Our Information Services team makes more than 200 changes each day to account for jobs, location changes and other life updates.

Contact Jeanine Lake, senior director of information services, if you have questions about the database. 

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2. We assist with connecting to alumni
Have an invitation, newsletter survey or email to send out to alumni and friends? We can help with that! The Alumni Association's database has the most accurate and up-to-date listings for K-Staters and we're ready to help get your message out! We'll even send the email for you!

Contact Jeanine Lake, senior director of information services, if you have questions about mailings. 



3. We assist with accreditation and grant applications
Need to know the demographics of your alumni for accreditation purposes? We can help you with that.

Contact Jeanine Lake, senior director of information services, if you have need help. 



4. We communicate with alumni
The Alumni Association has an award-winning communications team. This crackerjack crew is tasked with promoting Purple Pride worldwide on a daily basis. They manage our publications including At K-State, our monthly newsletter which is sent to more than 100,000 email addresses; the quarterly magazine, K-Stater, which is sent to members of the K-State Alumni Association; and our social media channels.

They're always looking for new K-State stories to tell. Have a milestone to share with the larger Wildcat Community? This is the team to share it with. They can help you out.

Contact Ashley Pauls for At K-State , Tim Schrag '12 for K-Stater magazine, and Kim Ralston '07 for social media.



5. We assist with reunions
Wanting to get the band back together (literally or figuratively)? Is your department about to have a big anniversary? Is someone important retiring? We can help you round up those K-Staters from near and far.

The Alumni Association can take registrations and help campus groups work the logistics of hosting a reunion on campus.

Contact Andrea Bryant Gladin '02, assistant vice president of alumni programs, to start planning your next reunion.


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6. We can't be us without you!
You don't have to be a K-State graduate to be a member of the K-State Alumni Association. Members have access to a wide variety of benefits including national discounts, exclusive merchandise and so much more.

With your membership dues, the K-State Alumni Association is able to advocate for K-State, communicate with alumni and friends, recruit future Wildcats, serve alumni and students and, of course, inspire lifelong involvement.

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