Intramural Programs Seeking Champion T-Shirts

Posted May 15, 2019

INtramural Championship T-ShirtThe Kansas State University intramural program offers a wide variety of individual and team sports. Participant numbers in the thousands each year.

The tradition of awarding the championship winners dates back to the start of the intramural program, fall of 1920.  Awards for intramural champions have been sweaters, intramural emblems, gold medals and trophies. An intramural champion T-shirt serves as the current award for all team, meet and individual championship winners. Intramural Champion T-shirts have been the coveted prize since 1980. More than 700 intramural championship T-shirts are awarded to champions each year.

K-State Recreational Services is highlighting the history of intramural champions by displaying the T-shirts from each year inside the complex.

We are missing T-shirts from a few years and we are asking for donations from individuals that might have their winning shirt tucked away in their closet. T-shirts that are donated will receive a plaque with the donor’s name and sport they won the shirt in on display with the T-shirt.  We are looking for intramural champion t-shirts from 1995-2002.  If you have a T-shirt from one of these years, please contact Denise Simonds at